Boron Specialties
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SCBH: bond formation between aldehyde- and

    amine-containing molecules by reduction of

    Schiff’s base; mild reductive amination of

    carbonyl compounds and reduction of imines

•  Sodium borohydride: widely used reducing

    agent; Boron Specialties offers competitively-

    priced packages in the 50g - 5kg range

•  Amine boranes: mild, selective reducing agents

•  DMSB: high-concentration borane reagent

    Small molecule & biomolecule synthesis                                           

•  Boron-dense, non-cGMP compounds for BNCT research

    Scaffolds for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy                                           


Sodium cyanoborohydride

Sodium borohydride

Amine boranes

Dimethylsulfide borane



Sodium borocaptate (BSH)

Organic synthesis and BNCT