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Boron Specialties
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11B NMR:  Only B12H12 present

Hydrolyzable boron: 0.15% max

Moisture and volatiles: varies by product (hydrate, methanolate etc)

Note that these products are priced on an “as-is” weight basis.

Salts of lithium (Li2B12H12 x H2O | CAS 12356-13-7 | Prod # 900-1032 | MW 155.72),

caesium (Cs2B12H12 x MeOH | CAS 12008-75-2 | Prod # 900-1013 | MW 407.66),

potassium (K2B12H12 x MeOH | CAS 12008-77-4 | Prod # 900-1018 | MW 220.04),

sodium (Na2B12H12 x H2O | CAS 12008-78-5 | Prod # 900-1034 | MW 187.84), and

triethylammonium (TEA2B12H12 | CAS 12551-42-7 | Prod # 900-1019 | MW 346.22)

are available.  Functionalized & custom derivatives by special order.

Price tiers from 1g - 100+kg

Custom package sizes at no extra charge.


Made in USA by Boron Specialties

Standard product, typically in stock.  Orders >100g may have lead time.

Included with shipment.  Available on request.

Toxicological properties of this material have not been fully investigated.

• Three-dimensional aromatic cage is readily functionalized and

   exhibits high heat resistance and kinetic stability.

• Used in pyrotechnics, electrolytes, hydrogen storage, and

   nanomaterial synthesis.  

Dodecahydrododecaborate salts

Ionic borohydride clusters (B12H12)

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Dodecahydrododecaborates (B12H12)2-