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Dimethylamine borane





58.92 g/mol

11B-NMR: Conforms to structure

Purity by titration:  98.0% min

Appearance: white solid granules.

Lower melting point range: 34°C min

10g to 1,000+ kg.  Standard package is 20kg net in steel drum

Custom packaging available.

Product of Russia.  US inventory, technical service, and backup

production capability by Boron Specialties.

Large quantities always in stock at our Pennsylvania facility

Included with shipment.  Available on request.

Application note (pdf)

• Electroless deposition of nickel–boron in surface finishing applications

• Electroless deposition of precious metals in electronics applications

• Boron carbonitride (BCN) precursor for CVD

• Mild reducing agent for organic synthesis.



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Dimethylamine borane (DMAB)