Ammonia Borane

Chemical formula: H3N•BH3

CASRN 13774-81-7

Mol mass: 30.87 g/mol





50g, 100g, and 250g bottles. Kilo quantities available.



Ethylenediamine bisborane is also useful for hydrogen storage and is available on a special order basis (we typically have gram quantities in stock).

Boron Specialties also makes H315N•BH3  labeled with the stable 15N isotope.



At 192 gm H2/kg (19.5 wt%), AB is the leading candidate for chemical hydrogen storage for fuel cells. Also useful as mild reducing agent for organic synthesis.


Physical properties


Environmental, Health & Safety

Ammonia borane is a hazardous material that must be shipped, stored, handled, used, and disposed by qualified individuals according to the law & instructions provided on the MSDS (available from Boron Specialties).



Made in United States by Boron Specialties.