Polyhedral Boranes
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B12H12  (Cs & K dodecahydro-dodecaborate).  3D aromatic cage exhibits high heat resistance & kinetic stability.  Used in pyro-technics, electrolytes, hydrogen storage & nanomaterial scaffolds. Readily functionalized.   More...

C2B10H12  (o-carborane).  Used in electronics, high-temp polymers,  preparation of superacids, catal-ysts & nanomaterials, etc.  Para & meta isomers also in development. We are DDTC registered.  

B10H10 (closo-decahydrodeca-borate anion).  Various counter-ions available.  Diversity of substitution reactions available for derivativiza-tion or transformation into other inorganic boron hydrides.  Stable like B12H12.  

B10H14  (decaborane-14).  Dopant for p-type semiconductors.  Rocket fuel.  Thermolysis yields mono-atomic boron useful for CVD, BN nanotube synthesis, etc.   Boron-10 and -11 enriched decaborane available by special order.  
DMAB  (dimethylamine borane). Reducing agent used in EN plating baths for co-deposition of nickel-boron.  Mild reducing agent for organic synthesis.  Drum quantities available (granules or water sol’n).  More...

Ammonia borane  At 192 gm H2/ kg (19.5 wt%), AB is the leading candidate for chemical hydrogen storage. Reliable supply of US-made AB for research & fuel cell applications.  Also useful as mild reducing agent for org synthesis.   More...
Ethylene-diamine bisborane (EDAB) is also useful for hydrogen storage and is available in research qtys.

Sodium cyanoborohydride  Highly selective reducing agent for aldehydes, ketones, oximes, and enamines.  Available as powder or solution in NaOH.    More...

Sodium borohydride  We supply kilo- & drum quantities of powder or granules with typical analysis less than 5 ppm of most metals.  More...
Specialty Boranes & Borohydrides
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